Case study - Construction Machine Control System

A nationwide construction company ordered a modern remote control system for construction machinery.

Aim - to implement an effective hardware resource management system.

We used the iMod 3G/GPS platform for this project. The device was connected to on-board computers of construction machines with a Modbus -> CAN converter.

3G module provides

  • constant connection to logistics centre
  • access to all parameters with iModCloud
  • real-time data transfer
  • possibility of remote ignition.

CAN bus data enables constant monitoring of

  • current fuel level
  • fuel consumption
  • mileage
  • operation time (for regular service schedule)
  • engine operating temperature
  • oil temperature
  • battery level
  • vehicle speed
  • etc.

GPS provides

  • tracking of machinery on construction sites
  • tracking of available machinery at remote sites
  • vehicle movement monitoring (helps to measure operating hours and to increase efficiency).

iModCloud service provides

  • monitoring and control of all the machines with a web browser of any mobile device.
  • constant access to selected information
  • instant reports.

With the RFID reader it is possible to:

  • identify a machine operator
  • accurately determine working hours.

With the use of iMod 3G/GPS and iModCloud we have fulfilled all the requirements of the project. The Customer received:

  • modern remote control and monitoring system
  • data acquisition, analysis and aggregation system
  • in addition:

  • ready-to-use solutions minimized the time and cost of system implementation
  • It is possible to extend the system with new functionalities at any time.
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